Art Vs. Accessories

WIN_20150313_152644Consistent with our earthy approach to life, art and gifts, it has being a natural sequence for us to wonder about the fitness of the word “accessories” within our whole concept.

During several occasions,  when asked about a “matching” or “coordinating” one of our pieces within an outfit, or environment.

My first thought goes to consider that  the biggest capacity of an art piece is to stand on its own and each of ours does it very well.

So, where, under those premises may we fit the work “accessories”?.  Is definitely in the wrong place and as an equivocal concept. It does not fit us either by definition or purpose.

Everything we have at Touched by Green is Art. Popular, Cultural and often bordering that undefined gray line between art and artisan’s work,  but, never less than good stand alone art.

When you wear one of our pieces you feel pride of owning it, the attraction it provokes, the attention it awakens and the emotion that inspires.

That is what art suppose  to have you feel like. Enjoy!

Ps. Be individual: wear art, value art, look fantastic.

Colombia, the Emerald’s birth and romanticism.

makla-esmeralda-2 esmeralda-coscuezThe biggest and finest emeralds in existence: “Fura” and “Tena”, were named in honor of two Pre-Columbian  “Muiscas Princesses” The  Legend relates the tragic love story over the Andes mountains many years before the arrival of the Spanish colonists to South American Colombia.

Tena accomplished a suicidal prophesy for Fura because of  their impossible Love.

She cried her love over those mountains that converted her tears in emeralds.

It is the believe that this Emerald tears are the gift of the biggest crystalized love and dedication: The Lover’s gift.

We have beautiful samples of them now in inventory.