Hello Friends!

The ones that appreciate what we do, the qualities of what we sell, the communities we visit and the work with them in the midst of the humble convincement that the ones learning throughout this experience are not them.

It has being an eight years journey to get to the place I am with the work I do and now I feel the demands for an intent to place in words the richness of the experiences I live in every trip to visit, buy, learn and some how share moments of my own personal life  with communities that bring so much peaceful value to that life  in their everyday simplicity and “un-polluted” environment.

Forgive me if I fall short of my grammar or clear conveyance. It is clear that this is a superior challenge for me, but, I didn’t want to feel short of bringing you to their fascinating elemental world.

I will post  once per week and as I learn to manage the blog, I will be posting pictures to make each story more accurate and real to you.

Please feel free to respond, comment, suggest or correct. I will appreciate it all.

Until next week,