Fiddlehead Fern Bag
The very intricate pattern design makes this bag special. Perfect stainless steel work.
Camisa Bag
Modern...metallic red covered hand bag made by Wendy Stevens and impregnated with her design qualities of perfection. A collectors favorite.
Lace Clutch
Perfect...elegant...stainless steel Wendy Stevens design a signature of perfection. Own it with pride.
Durability and design is Wendy Stevens focus throughout the design and creation of her bags. Interchangeable strap to wear as clutch and on the shoulder. Absolute perfection of design and construction.
Drop Bag Big
Beautiful, Practical, cross body bag ideal to travel with the perfection signature of Wendy Stevens.
Lasera Bag
Feminine, comfortable and artistic like all Wendy Stevens creations the geometric design is very appealing. Grate acquisition!
Shoulder Bag
Feel the perfection wearing this beautiful Wendy Stevens hand bag. A collectable desired for many and now belongs in your wardrobe. Own it with the pride of having perfection in your hands! Short length strap available too.
Pocket Phone lg
A luxury when managing the safety of your phone. Special for people that works with phones all the time and in public spaces. Have it handy, have it safe.
Bib Bag
Exquisite and modern look with the same traces of perfection characteristic of all Wendy Stevens work. Practical size and easy access. Do not resist!
London Bag
With Audry Hepburn as inspiration this hand bag is the classic elegance portrayed during the 50's. Comfortable, light and practical for everyday professional use.