Arrow Cane (Cana Flecha) Is a bambu like plant that grows
in a very tropical region in the north of Colombia.
Its first utilitarian use has being atribuited to the Zenu tribe
living in that area.

Long before the Spanish colonization these
ingenious natives discovered
many uses for this durable material.

In a variety of 27 different qualities (similar to the
thread-count selection made to cotton),  a
variety of colors as diverse as the different
plants in the area, they display with dexterity
their own design structure across the items they

Their hats, "El sombrero Vueltiao", considered one of the
National symbols for their popularity, are very well known
for their high quality and the nature of their fiber which
makes them light, durable and very comfortable to wear.

They were initially invented to protect themselves from
the fierce tropical sun during the corn harvesting season
and now a common luxury that many strive to afford.

In the actuality this Zenu descendants use this
traditional pre-Columbian weaving technique to
produce a mix of contemporary designs with their
cultural roots.
Entire villages live from the production of this items
and is a general rule when you walk throughout the
unpaved streets of this extreme warm towns
where their only possible ventilation is keeping doors
and windows opened,
to see throughout them always someone either
sewing or briding Arrow Cane items.